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Leon is a sentinel of the Order, the largest law enforcement agency on the planet Id’Etat. After losing his bearings on a routine patrol through the Tharthis Sandsea, he finds himself seeking reprieve in a small inn on the outskirts of Tharthis City. To his dismay, Fiora St. Claire—the last person he ever wished to see—has taken up residence there.

In years past, Leon’s duty banished him to the far reaches of Fiora’s good graces. As a result, he promised to make it up to her should they ever cross paths again. It’s been more than ten years, and Fiora is finally looking to collect on that promise.

For Leon, the only thing more shocking than seeing her again is what she requests of him. She wants him to take her to Arc Addah, a mythical paradise believed to exist somewhere on Id’Etat. Leon knows beyond a doubt that Arc Addah does not exist—but figures any attempts to convince her of this will be taken as a default on his promise.

Her persistence wears on him, and before long the two set out across the Sandsea and beyond. It quickly becomes evident that life alongside a civilian can teach Leon more about Id’Etat than life as a sentinel ever could. Together they uncover multiple revelations about their world, along with some harrowing truths about the enigmatic organization Leon represents. As his worldview begins to unravel, Leon’s strict sense of duty and his sudden union with Fiora are the only things keeping him grounded. The same cannot be said for Harrison—the sentinel tasked with bringing Leon in once he was declared rogue—who is becoming more and more unhinged with each revelation. Once all secrets are uncovered, it will be left to the sentinels to decide how to proceed with that knowledge, and Id’Etat can only hope that Leon’s unflinching selflessness can triumph over Harrison’s desperate greed.

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