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A planet that saw the future only to be thrust mercilessly back toward the past. On Id’Etat, the pinnacle of technology brought little more than endless wars and the exhaustion of many infrastructure-sustaining resources. The majority of what’s left is hoarded by the elite, and those on the outside are forced to scrape by on what they can salvage. As a result, Id’Edat has devolved into a collection of pseudo-feudal societies, living independently of each other and utilizing whatever technological relics they can keep running. The only absolute on Id’Etat is “the Order,” an enigmatic organization charged with maintaining some semblance of peace and harmony across the globe. This seemingly insurmountable task is made possible by the presence of their most elite agents, the sentinels, whose otherworldly prowess remains Id’Etat’s greatest mystery. The sentinels are easily recognizable by the A-shaped badge worn on their lapel, and when civilians see them come through, they are more than willing to stay clear.

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